We (Still) Dont Know If Trump Believes In Climate Change

President Donald Trump made it unquestionably clear in the past that he didnt believe in climate change.

But as he pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement Wednesday, officials wanted to do anything but discuss the presidents current views on the issue.

Trump tweeted in 2012 that the idea of global warming was invented by the Chinese, and called it bullshit in 2014.

Asked about Trumps climate views on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said he hadnt discussed the matter with the president. On Friday, Spicer again said he hadnt had a chance to talk to Trump about it.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has also repeatedly played down climate change. Asked Thursday about the presidents views on climate change, Pruitt said the agreement had nothing to do with climate change. He again avoided the question on Friday.

There is widespread scientific consensus that climate change is real and human beings contribute to it. In April, the EPA removed pageson its website dealing with climate change.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Trump were asked about climate change during three presidential debates last year.

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