5 Hilarious Podcasts That Will Make Your Commute So Much Better

Whether you have a long and shitty commute, don’t know what to do with your time after work, or are just trying to pretend you have friends, you should start listening to podcasts. There are about a million of them out there, full of everything from serial killer mysteries to recaps (hi) to bitches sitting around drinking wine and discussing deep shit (hi again). Regardless of what you’re into (we don’t care) here are our top five favorite podcasts right now, which like, are all hilarious and involve a good deal of alcohol and making fun of other people.

1. Tub Talk

If you’re into listening to two betches discuss deep thoughts like why men use more toilet paper, who else has used your shower and the grossness associated with that, or how to properly identify great cheap alcohol, definitely listen to these two Austin chicks. It honestly feels like two friends are sitting on your couch with you, chugging wine and complaining about life. Deep shit.

2. Betch Slapped

I mean OBVIOUSLY you should be listening to the Betches podcast. Whether you want to know why the Bachelor franchise is amazing but also a life ruiner, how to stalk your ex on social media, and also groundbreaking reports like wtf Ariel Winter is doing with her life, or get some life advice without any bullshit, definitely add this to your list.

3. Another Round

Two hilarious ladies from Buzzfeed, Heben and Tracy, get drunk and talk about everything from pop culture to squirrels to mangoes to bad jokes. Come for their verbal smackdowns, stay for the awesome guests—they literally had Hillary Clinton as a guest. *Dies of jealousy*

4. Comedy Bang Bang

This is basically a bunch of comedians coming together and making fun of shit or playing weird characters. They’re also pretty mean, so we dig it. Plus, it’s run by the guy who helped create , so the uncomfortable and hilarious weirdness is definitely strong here.

5. Boners of the Heart

The name alone should make you wanna listen to this shit. Two New Zealander lady comics tell you all about their embarrassing celebrity crushes and the horrible things that came with pre-pubescence.


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