Barack Obama Sent Joe Biden A Happy Birthday Meme And The Internet Is Losing It

It has been almost a year since President Barack Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden were evicted from the White House. But for many, it feels like decades since the dynamic duo departed from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

A lot has changed since the days when the commanding couple occupied the Oval Office. But one thing has stayed consistent: their friendship. Or, should I say, the most epic bromance the internet has ever seen. Despite eight successful years running the country, Obama and Biden’s biggest legacy is their unbreakable bond. In fact, it was this unique connection that inspired a meme sensation during the latter part of 2016, just before they went their separate ways after an iconic eight years as America’s cutest couple. Twitter began to overflow with the rib-tickling memes, which even caught the attention of the subjects themselves. According to Biden’s daughter, Ashley, the former vice president laughed for an hour when she introduced him to the phenomenon. Talking to NBC, Biden admitted that there is some truth to the comedic captions, “All those memes – there are thousands of them out there – in essence, they’re all true. We had that kind of relationship,” he said. “My granddaughters and his daughters are each other’s best friends. They vacation together. You know, it’s family”. But none of the memes in existence could ever match up to the one that Obama lovingly crafted for in honor of his best buddy in celebration of his 75th birthday. Prepare to relive the joy 2016’s Biden memes brought the world… To familiarize you with the viral Biden meme (as if you could ever forget), let’s take a look at some of the best ones in existence which had people all over the world smiling from ear to ear!   When asked how Biden felt about the fact that most young people only know who he is because of the memes, he simply said, “I feel good about it.” It’s great to know that Biden’s just as cool in real life as he is in the memes. Biden admitted that his favorite meme is the one in which he tells Obama to leave out a fake birth certificate – referring to Donald Trump’s (wrongful) insistence that Obama was born in Kenya and not America. “A couple of ones I liked were ones where I was trying on Ray Bans, and he’s lying on the couch and I turn around and say, ‘Which ones do you like?’ And he looks at me and says, ‘Joe, Joe, come on, focus here,’” Biden revealed.

Despite having been separated after a slight career change, the duo are still the epitome of friendship goals, something we’re unlikely to see in the Trump administration, and that’s been proven by Obama’s birthday wish for his friend. You may think it impossible for Obama to get Biden a better gift than the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction, the highest civilian honor, which he surprised his political partner with before he left the White House earlier this year. However, Obama made a valiant effort… Obama, who has previously called Biden “the best Vice President America’s ever had”, took to Twitter to make the birthday announcement on Monday, and he made a point of making his own Biden meme. What a gift!   The heartfelt message stirred up the emotions of his 97 million followers, who threatened to break the internet with the speed at which they liked and commented on the post. “Happy birthday Joe! We miss you!” wrote one user, in a message which was echoed by the thousands of comments. “Happy birthday sir, thank you for all you did and still continue to do for this country,” typed one sentimental user, while another hopefully added, “Happy birthday to the next President of the US.” There is no doubt that Biden celebrated his birthday with plenty of ice cream – his famously favorite sweet treat. Has Obama’s message left you feeling a little sentimental about times that have gone by? Well, refresh yourself by watching some of Biden’s most iconic moments. I doubt we’ll ever get a vice president like him again. May Biden’s bromance with Obama continue for many years to come!

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