Brit Becomes Accidental Celebrity In Caribbean After Being Rejected By Woman He Flew 4,000 Miles To Meet

Meeting a potential lifelong partner over the internet isn’t uncommon these days. It happens every single day in all corners of the world!

Whilst there’s no denying that there’s an upside to online dating, we all know that it’s got a dark side. However, if you thought the shortcomings and potential dangers of online dating were confined to being catfished or meeting bloodthirsty murderers, boy, were you wrong. In fact, an aging British man by the name of Glyn Thomas Bailey unintentionally became a star in the Dominican Republic after flying 4,000 miles in order to meet a woman he’d fallen for online. He really believed that he could start a new relationship with this woman and become a father figure to her four children as soon as he landed in the Caribbean country. However, he soon discovered how wrong he was. Now, he is stranded in the country after being rejected by the woman he had been talking to on the internet for six months. However, the woman, whose name is Wilfa Soto Peguero didn’t reject him for the reasons you might think. It wasn’t a lack of physical attraction or chemistry that spurred her decision to dump her British beau. Peguero has confessed to rejecting Bailey because he didn’t have any money, much to her dismay. “I asked him to send me money so I could go and fetch him from the airport and he never sent me anything,” Peguero explained. Peguero has even claimed that despite not being well off herself, borrowed $320 to pick him up from Punta Cana International Airport. “But as he was coming to meet me I couldn’t just abandon him like he was a nobody so I decided to borrow money to go to the airport,” she explained. For the entirety of their six-month online affair, Bailey who is from Rhymney in South-east Wales used Google Translate to communicate. Although Bailey told Peguero from the beginning that he was by no means wealthy, he assured her that he would be able to help raise her children which included her two young daughters who still live with her. However, Peguero was looking for a man who was able to provide financial support for her family, and she soon decided that she couldn’t allow him to stay in her home if he wasn’t bringing in an extra income. “Later, when I checked his ticket, I realized he’d come with the intention of staying here, and I can’t look after him,” she explained. Although she has confessed to feeling bad for him, especially considering he had traveled so far to be with her, she said that she cannot continue to put him up in her house and feed him when she has her own children to support. “I have explained it to him a thousand ways. If I had my own house, I’d let him stay but I don’t. I’ve got to look after him because he hasn’t got any money.” “I’ve got my heart, and I’m not going to refuse him food when he’s not giving me any money but I can’t look after him.” The whole fiasco has turned Bailey into something of a celebrity on the Caribbean island. How so, you ask? Well, when Peguero rejected him, she posted a video online begging someone to help to send him back to to the UK because she didn’t have the funds to keep feeding him. You can watch the hilarious video below:

“I’m making this video for many young people, for many women, so that they learn from what happened to me and don’t try to find love online,” Peguero warned in the now viral video.

Bailey became big news in the local area, and, soon enough, his story was being covered by television news reports. Peguero’s neighbor Kevin Osiris Mendez also helped to feed and provide Bailey with accommodation, however, even he admitted that the time had come for Bailey to move on.

“We’ve all been worried. I’m a friend of Wilfa’s and a friend of the family, and this has been a headache for us,” Mendez said.

Yes, it was probably not the wisest idea to fly to a completely different continent, totally penniless, without having met the person you’ve been having an online affair with. But love will make you do some crazy things sometimes!

Those of you who are concerned about the wellbeing of the jilted Brit will be pleased to know that Bailey will now be flown back to the UK with the help of British diplomats. I’m sure Peguero is breathing a sigh of relief.
Good luck to him and his future endeavors in the love department!

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