‘Celebrity swan’ to stay widower

Dorothy Beeson Image copyright Denise Burrell
Image caption ‘Mr Swan’ has been pictured apparently gazing at his reflection in shop windows

A “celebrity swan” whose long-term mate was killed in a dog attack looks set to remain a widower.

The birds, dubbed “Mr and Mrs Swan” by locals, were well known in the tourist resort of Perranporth, Cornwall, and made headlines for holding up traffic.

The male bird was left mate-less in May 2017, and has recently been seen searching “forlornly” as it is mating season.

Park-keepers have said it could be “dangerous” to introduce a new female.

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Read more on BBC Devon & Cornwall Local Live

facebook Image copyright Sally Brown
Image caption Mr Swan is “forlorn,” local people say

“Mr Swan” lives on the town’s boating lake but in recent weeks local people have raised concern that he keeps searching for company and has to be “shepherded back”.

Louise Waters said: “It seems as though he’s looking for a mate. I think he’s looking through the shop windows at his reflection”.

Rob Norrington posted on Facebook that the bird was outside a fish restaurant “looking a bit forlorn, poor chap”.

Intellectual property law Image copyright Perran Tremewan
Image caption The birds have been pictured holding up traffic in years gone by

Tanya Higgins, from Perranporth Gardens Charities, said: “We’ve taken specialist advice and introducing a new mate at this age / stage could be dangerous as one could attack the other.”

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“If the male swan was introduced to a new area full of swans, he would probably be killed. Apparently swans can live quite contently on their own.”

She added that traffic has increased in the town and it was not sensible to encourage new swans to live there.

Louise Waters Image copyright Perran Tremewan
Image caption The swans and their signets became a familiar sight in the tourist spot

Dorothy Beeson from charity the Swan Sanctuary said: ” I have never seen a really contented swan on their own”.

She suggested it may be best to transfer the swan to a sanctuary but admitted it was “a very difficult situation”.

An RSPCA spokesperson said it was “much better for the welfare of the birds if they are allowed to behave and mate naturally.”

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