Chrissy Teigen misses the old Snapchat just like we all do

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Snapchat rolled out a new update two days ago and users are not pleased – including Chrissy Teigen.

It’s hardly uncommon for users to express frustration with app updates, but one notable criticism of Snapchat’s redesign from Twitter user Courtney Coffman caught Teigen’s eye.

Unlike the older version of Snapchat, the update separates a user’s friends’ Stories from Stories that they follow —which usually include celebrities like Teigen. Now that the two are separated, watching a favorite celebrity’s story feels less like you’re just watching your friend’s Saturday night activities and more like you’re flipping open a tabloid magazine. 

Teigen noticed this trend of comments and expressed her own feelings.

It’s one thing if a few thousand nameless users express frustration. It’s another when a big name like Teigen does as well. 

Maybe there’s hope, disgruntled Snapchat users. 

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