Jake Paul hasnt commented on his brotherbut hes still posting controversial videos

Jake Paul hasn’t made a public comment on his older brother Logan Paul’s suicide forest video that has set the internet aflame the last few days. But Jake is continuing to produce the kind of YouTube content that is offending plenty of viewers.

Though it’s clearly not as offensive as filming an apparently dead body hanging from a tree, Jake’s offering this week featured potentially inappropriate content for his minor-age fan base.

If you’re not interested in watching the video, it features plenty of the regular Jake Paul tactics, including waking up his roommates by spraying a fire extinguisher all over their room, forcing them to evacuate the premise because of the fumes. He also makes a few homophobic jokes and causes plenty of damage to the cabin he and his friends have rented in Big Bear, California.

Though the title of his video “I lost my virginity …” doesn’t actually refer to him having sex—instead, it’s about him skiing for the first time—Paul is facing criticism for the original YouTube thumbnail that was posted on the channel. Some Twitter users believe the headline is pure clickbait, and the original thumbnail is nothing but sleaze.

This is the thumbnail that’s shown now.


The original, though, was much more risqué despite the YouTube description that describes the video as “family friendly pg clean.”

And much of Twitter wasn’t happy about the original thumbnail, particularly in the wake of his brother’s controversy.

On Friday, it was reported that Jake had been filmed saying the N-word twice in a freestyle rap, leading to even more controversy for the duo.

In the middle of the “I lost my virginity” video, Jake makes the New Year’s Day claim that, ‘This year is going to be an incredible journey.”

So far, though, it’s been a bumpy first week of 2018 for the Paul brothers.

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