Jimmy Kimmel on Kanye West’s Trump visit: ‘We’ve got crazy to cover’

Late-night hosts ripped Kanye Wests meeting with the president for the nonsense and stupidity that was on display

Cast Away

Late-night hosts took aim at Kanye West and Donald Trumps much-hyped lunch, criticising them both for ranting and raving.

Jimmy Kimmel

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On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host started with disbelief over the nonsense and stupidity that took place during the summit between the rapper and the president.

Not only was this a crazy conversation for this White House, this was the kind of conversation that would typically held between people wearing hospital bracelets, he said.

As West rambled in front of the president, Kimmel joked: Now he knows how we feel every morning when we wake up to him.

On the same day, Kid Rock was also a guest at the White House. Donald Trump is such a monumental narcissist that any famous person who puts on a red hat gets a visit and plenty of time for one-on-one, Kimmel joked.

He continued: This ranting and raving, this is the kind of thing that happens on the subway in New York, not in the Oval Office.

Kimmel went on to compare the conversation to Tom Hanks speaking to Wilson in the film Cast Away. Its like Trump is sitting across from his Twitter account in real life, he also said.

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Cable networks were forced to cover their conversation despite more important issues threatening parts of the US. Hurricane Michael screw you, weve got crazy to cover, he said.

Trevor Noah

Donald Trumps The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow)

TONIGHT: There was a ranting lunatic in the Oval Office today, and he had to sit quietly as Kanye West did this: pic.twitter.com/1eCaLWP8cS

October 12, 2018

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah also spoke about the West-Trump meeting. As you probably know by now, there was a ranting lunatic in the Oval Office today and he had to sit there quietly as Kanye West did this, he joked before playing a montage of Wests most unhinged statements.

At the end of his rant, Trump told the press that he thought it was impressive. Noah said: Trumps mouth said That was impressive but you could see he was thinking: Is it racist if I call the cops?

Noah continued: Now, Im not a fan of this new Kanye West but I will say I really enjoyed seeing Kanye make Trump feel the way Trump makes us feel every single day.

Jimmy Fallon

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On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon joked: If you would have told me 10 years ago that Trump and Kanye would be meeting at the White House, I would have said: Oh my God, Kanye becomes president?

He also commented that Trump was busy meeting with West and Kid Rock while Hurricane Michael raged on. Meanwhile, people down in Florida were like: No worries, well just handle the hurricane ourselves, he said.

One of the most viral moments of the day saw West use the password 000000 for his phone. Trump said: Hey thats the same password I use for the nuclear codes, Fallon joked.

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