Paris Jackson Shares Rare Photo Of Her Brother Blanket In Her Christmas Message

It’s tough for children to grow up in the spotlight. Trying to navigate your way into adulthood is hard enough without strangers constantly recording and commenting on everything you do, especially if you never asked for any of that fame in the first place.

So many child actors burn out or go off the rails. Many leave the profession altogether or sadly turn to substance abuse. It’s something we’ve seen time and time again in Hollywood that it’s sadly become cliché. As they reach adolescence, quite a few child actors return to their non-famous families and take a break from the spotlight, like Dakota Fanning who actually went to high school and joined the cheerleading team. However, where does that leave the famous children of superstars? They aren’t actors, they are not famous for their own work, and do not have the ability to return to a non-famous lifestyle because they never had one in the first place. Michael Jackson’s children have never known what it was like not to be photographed, followed by the paparazzi, or to have their personal life exposed in the media. Not only was their father the “King of Pop” and one of the most infamous men in the history of the world, but the whole Jackson family is famous. There was no escaping that legacy. As a result, Jackson’s three kids, Paris, Prince Michael Jr., and Blanket, have all coped very differently with the impact their father’s success had on them. It is no secret that Paris, who is now 19, has publically struggled and has attempted suicide more than once. However, she and her older brother seem to have accepted their fame to a certain extent. Paris now models, they both keep social media accounts and are photographed with other celebrities. Their younger brother, Prince Michael II, who goes by the name “Blanket”, does not. Paris’ social media posts can often cause a stir within the “Comments” section, as many people disagree with her polarising views. Whether she’s posing nude, or sharing her honest feelings on President Trump:

Blanket, who some now call “BG”,  lives in relative obscurity and very few photos of him have emerged since his father’s death. However, Paris posted a photo to her Instagram of all her siblings together. It offered a rare glimpse of her brother, Blanket, who is now 15. But the seemingly innocent photo with her brothers has caused Paris to snap back at commenters. She captioned the photo: “happy christmas from ours to yours #brahdas”. Blanket is on the far left, while Paris and Prince Michael Jr. are on the right. The other teen in the picture is childhood friend Omer Bhatti. Paris had to defend including Bhatti to her followers after some questioned his appearance in the photo. She blasted those who criticised her, writing: “Why is everyone losing their f**king minds over this? Do you guys seriously not remember the fact that not only have I known him since birth, we have literally called him our brother many, many, many, many times”. Blanket’s grandfather, Joe Jackson, coincidently also shared a photo of Blanket recently. The picture was posted on Twitter and captioned: “To my grandson Blanket”. At least the siblings have each other to rely on and appear to be very close. Prince Michael Jr. talked about the bond he has with his siblings in an interview last October. He said of Paris:

“She’s grown so much and she’s been able to really step up. I don’t really see myself as her older brother. We’re equal partners when it comes down to it.”

He added about Blanket: “BG is just so mature for his age. It’s a pretty strong bond.” Just like their father, these young stars will always be in the public spotlight. But despite their very public struggles, I think they should be commended at just how well they are continuing the “King of Pop’s” legacy.  

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