Salman Khan’s Secret Diet Revealed For Tubelight Movie

Extraordinary body, a shirtless wonder, and a stark personality. You know whom are we talking about. It's no other than Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan, popular as Salman Khan 'The Bhai' of this Bollywood industry. He is the superstar of Indian cinema who has inspired many with his extraordinary body.

Nicknamed as the “Shirtless Wonder” of Bollywood, Salman is a fitness freak who does not like to skip his workout routine. What it also needs is a balanced diet. Remember, healthy body is made in the kitchen. Even when Salman has a tight schedule, he may choose to exercise at 2 am in the night. This speaks to the discipline and dedication that has earned him so much fame and success in his career. Let us find out more about the Diet secret of this famous Indian actor. Earlier Salman had a special interest in spicy Indian and Italian foods. Pav bhajis, ice creams, and pizzas were his favorite. Straight off the bat, Salman doesn’t like to stick to one workout routine and that’s even more evident when it comes to his diet plan.

The thing with Bollywood celebrities is they by default have access to the best trainers, the best nutritionists and thus have those dream physiques that everyone looks for. When he appointed Manish Advilkar as his gym trainer, Salman’s diet and exercise schedule was completely restructured to achieve the best possible results. He now has a protein-rich diet comprising fish, egg white, meat, and milk to complement his intense workout regimen. According to Salman, the kind of food you eat is as important to the body as your workout. Therefore, he not just concentrates on an extensive exercise routine but also avoids processed and sugary foods of all types. He burns 3000 calories each day with his rigorous workouts. So be like Bhai- eat healthy, With love MyStyle!

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