Watch Harvey Weinstein Being Punched TWICE In The Face At An Exclusive Restaurant

If Harvey Weinstein thought that the New Year would distract people from his monstrous behavior, he was very wrong. While 2017 may have been the worst year of the 65-year-old movie mogul’s life to date, 2018 already looking worse.

It all started with the Golden Globes – an event that had helped bolster his 30-year career. Because of his alleged sexual misconduct, the disgraced movie producer was the name on everybody’s lips, and, for once, it was for all the wrong reasons. As those in attendance arrived in their black gowns and tuxedos in protest of the sexual harassment culture which exists in Hollywood, and indeed around the world, and it was evident to all that Harvey Weinstein’s career was officially over. Even if he had all the money in the world, he couldn’t pay off the whole industry as he allegedly did to vulnerable aspiring actresses. If this united show of contempt towards the former producer wasn’t enough to show him that he was unwanted in society, then the latest incident involving his name was. As the father-of-five dined in the exclusive Elements restaurant within the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, it was his turn to become the victim. Upon leaving the swanky establishment, the former-entertainment star was caught by an irate diner who made his hatred for thealleged abuser very clear. Weinstein, who was allegedly eating with his sober coach, is said to have been punched twice in the face with such force that he almost toppled over, according to the restaurant manager. It is not clear at what point the camera started rolling, but the footage recorded of the incident shows Weinstein upright as he attempts to leave the dining room while shoving the camera out of his face. The whole altercation was caught on camera by a friend of the man, known as Steve, who admitted to TMZ that he’d had “quite a bit to drink” before making contact with Weinstein. “You’re such a piece of sh*t for what you did to these women,” Steve blasted, evidently not concerned about his fellow diners who appear to be oblivious to the run-in. A shocked Weinstein, who it appears mistook Steve’s approach as one of friendliness rather than hostility, can be seen looking confused by the situation. “Get your f*cking ass out of here,” Steve shouted as he bravely pointed toward the door before repeating, “You’re a f*cking piece of shit.” At this point, Weinstein’s accomplice, who’d been more occupied in trying to slap the recording device out of Steve’s friend’s hand, turns toward Weinstein’s attacker and, with a smug smile, asks, “And what would you do about it?” Rather than take the bait, Steve retorts with “shut the f*ck up,” as the two men depart. The camera follows their exit briefly before the footage ends. While the footage may be satisfying to watch for those who have been victims of sexual assault, it appears that the two men responsible didn’t do it for justice as the video is now being touted for a reported $100,000, according to The Daily Mail. We may only be 10 days into 2018, but this isn’t looking like Harvey Weinstein’s year. Still to come are the Oscars, which is guaranteed to be even more emotionally charged than the Golden Globes were and several lawsuits against the former producer are pending. Karma really does get you in the end!

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