You Won’t Believe The Putrid Ingredients That Go Into A Line Of Cocaine

Many people can attest to seeing at least one person snort a line of cocaine, even if they have never taken it themselves. I remember watching someone do it and being horrified when they licked what was left from the DVD case they’d placed it onto.

To me, cocaine doesn’t look any different to powdered sugar, but it’s a drug that I would never experiment with. It’s no secret that it can have a number of dangerous and potentially fatal effects, and now exactly what goes into a line of cocaine has been revealed. The horrifying contents of cocaine were exposed by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay when he met with a cocaine maker deep in the Colombian wilderness. This was part of a documentary which aims to tackle the world’s problem with cocaine head-on. Whilst horror stories about the contents of cocaine are nothing new (I’ll never forget being told that it could contain rat poison in high school), this documentary shows that it’s not just dodgy dealers who are altering what’s in this addictive drug. Ramsay’s meeting with the cocaine producer started as you would expect it to. He was filmed harvesting the coca leaves which are used to make cocaine and preparing them to be turned into the drug. But what happened next was truly unbelievable… The coca leaves were put into a giant pit and covered in cement. Y’know, the substance used to make buildings. To make matters worse, the cement-covered leaves were then doused in sulphuric acid. The only consolidation offered to any cocaine users who watching the documentary was the fact that the acid has been diluted in water. Once the initial part of the process is complete, the mixture – which logically belongs in a lab and not a wooden shack – is scooped up and doused in gasoline. As if things weren’t already bad enough, petrol is now involved. Yikes. It wouldn’t take a genius to work out that you can’t snort gas without putting yourself in danger. So what happens next? The cocaine is separated from the gasoline using another substance most of us wouldn’t want to consume – battery acid. After this process is complete, only pure cocaine is left – if you can even call it that. In an attempt to reduce the number of chemicals in it, the cocaine producers add in bicarbonate of soda, which is what gives cocaine its white color. As you can imagine, the mixture is extremely wet at this point, so it’s given a chance to dry before being cooked to remove any excess dirt. Once this process is complete, it’s finally packaged up and sold to distributors around the world. If you’re horrified by how cocaine is produced, you’ll be even more horrified by the fact that it’s still not in its final form. The majority of dealers cut the drug with a number of substances to increase their profits. As my school warned, additives could be rat poison, but other substances used include paracetamol and veterinary worming tablets. The first and only time I ever saw cocaine being taken, I was at a college party. It wasn’t offered to me because the person in question knew I wouldn’t touch it, but now that I’m learning more about the drug, I wish I’d told them not to take it. Shockingly, cocaine can result in sudden death. It automatically becomes a lot more dangerous when it’s used alongside alcohol and/or cigarettes. What’s more is that if you’ve got a preexisting heart condition, the drug could be deadly. Thankfully, the college party I attended didn’t end in tragedy, but it could have. It’s been estimated that 14.5% of Americans above the age of 12 have tried cocaine at least once, and the popularity of the drug has encouraged producers to get extremely creative importing it… Cocaine might appeal to many because of its short-lived side effects, but it’s illegal for a reason. Who would want to snort cement and gasoline anyway? Some dealers have even cut cocaine with ashes and remains! The horror!

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